Whether you realize it or not..



You’re Selling A Product



Each time you approach a woman whether it be at the club, the coffeeshop, the mall, a party, or a dating app – you are making a sales pitch. The women you’re attracted to make up your potential customer base.

The price point is your desirability factor weighed against her cost of letting you becoming another notch on the list.

Your approach is really no different than a clever advertisement designed to pique interest and communicate a benefit (your perceived sexual desirability) to hopeful buyers.

The end goal in your business endeavors is of course to convince customers that “the transaction” will be a mutually beneficial scenario for both parties.


You Operate Within A Marketplace



Often times a competitive one depending on the quality of customer you seek to engage.

Prices on this market are typically displayed using the 1-10 rating scale. However, it’s important to realize prices can be subjective from person to person (one man’s trash is another man’s treasure).

It’s also worth noting that prices are not stable. They can appreciate or depreciate.

A man will go up in value if he increases his net worth, social standing, appearance, etc. A woman’s value will remain constant if she maintains a pleasing appearance and low notch count, although these price influencers have proven difficult to maintain past a certain age.

People in the marketplace all work to some extent in hopes of getting the best deal they can find.


Transferable Marketing Strategies



The same concepts that companies use to sell their products can be transferred onto dating. Social proof, reviews, and buyer testimonials are all important factors that influence purchasing decisions.

If people are raving about Apple’s latest gadget then that sways others to consider making a purchase too.. even if a few years ago something like a smartwatch appeared to be a completely unnecessary trinket.

Before people trade their resources in exchange for a product, educated consumers will search for reviews and experiences that other people have had.

If people want to buy your product then that signals to other potential customers that you’ve got something good to sell. This phenomenon sets off a positive feedback loop for everyone who notices.


Your Game Is A Sales Funnel



Game is the method in which you sell yourself. It’s a funnel used to take a large group of leads and convert a percentage of them into sales.

Your “game funnel” could be fawning over Instagram pictures, complimenting at every corner, and elevating your hopeful customers to goddess-like status hoping and praying they will purchase.

Or your game might be building a desirable brand, harnessing the power of social proof, and learning successful sales techniques from the titans of industry who are getting results you’d like to have.

Most sellers take the former approach just “being themselves” without thinking through and observing what actually works. For example, they take the nice guy route when really if they just tried a little dose of playful teasing and light-hearted cockiness, they would see exactly how that plays into being a desirable brand.

A successful company doesn’t care if they lose one potential customer. Because they have millions. If they do win over your business, that’s great. But if not, no big deal.

If you can embody that same concept into your approach towards dating then you’ll have a successful foundation to build on.


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