There are a million different productivity apps, websites, and systems competing for your attention in hopes that you will buy and use their services. And I’ve tried all of them so you don’t have to.

It took many years for my productivity system to rise from the chaotic ashes of my previously disorganized life and into the well-oiled machine that it is today.

Below is how I stay on top of shit. See if there is anything you can implement into your own life.



You’re probably familiar with Evernote for its online note-taking and capability of syncing between devices. Evernote can be used for a lot of different things, but I only use it for two.

1) Database for clipped blog articles

Anytime I come across an exceptional blog article, I use the Evernote Clipper (a simple Google Chrome plugin) to save the article to my Evernote account. This helps out tremendously with my Words For The Weekend column.


2) Notebook for all notes taken on books, courses, videos, etc.

Whenever I read a book, take an online course, or watch an educational YouTube video, I’m sure to take a few notes in Evernote on the most important pieces of the content. This helps to fully comprehend as well as actually retain the information I’m learning.

I think it’s important to occasionally pick out a few subjects that I don’t know very much about, and start consuming information on it via YouTube, Udemy, or an eBook. Right now I’m watching and taking notes on the “Crash Course” series on YouTube which is a good refresher course on a variety of different subjects. Notes are taken in Evernote.


Google Drive

Google Drive is my home base for blog post drafts, personal journal entries, book drafts, photos, videos, and all other documents that I need in a central location.

Drive allows unlimited storage of Google docs, sheets, and other Google office products. They also allow unlimited storage for photos and 1080p videos.

Apple Notes

I use the Notes app on my iPhone as an on-the-go “little black book” for quick note taking whenever I have that little stroke of genius and need jot down an idea before I forget. Also works well for writing down reminders.

The reason I don’t just use Google Drive for this is because I like to keep short ideas/reminders a separate entity from longer documents and writing.


Accountability Spreadsheet

Achievement all starts with momentum. Momentum creates habit. Successful habits lead to life-changing success

Out of sight, out of mind is real. So you need your goals and strategies in the forefront of your mind. You need them in front of you where you can easily see them throughout the day.

I’m creating a Productivity Dashboard where I grade myself on the the progress I’ve made towards any given goal. Below are a few screenshots of the spreadsheet.


Charts for at-a-glance snapshots of progress



Grading tab to hold yourself accountable and build off of prior momentum



Customizable input tabs to create the Dashboard snapshot




This simple spreadsheet has been helping me kick 2017’s ass so far. Stay tuned for when I release it to the public for all to download.



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