A common place for new guys to slip up is when it comes time to escalate the interaction into a sexual frame. It’s important you do this sooner rather than later, shortly after meeting her. Wait too long and you can look forward to getting cozy in the friendzone. A place where your intimate relations consist of long text conversations about her feels followed by Instagram jerk off sessions.


The good thing about meeting new girls is that you always start out as strangers (she has no idea about any past beta fuck ups). You’re mostly a blank slate plus whatever your appearance happens to lend you. But you’ll want to be perceived as a potential suitor right off the bat, not one of her besties who just happens to have a dick. Follow these three steps and you’ll set the frame up for success.


1. Assume the Attraction


It’s important that you kick things off from a good starting place. Don’t waste time wondering if she’s into you.


Assume it.


The minute you question her attraction is the minute you start emitting a barrage of meek and timid Nice Guy game. You might find yourself patiently waiting for her to give some kind of blatant sign that you may safely proceed with 0% chance of rejection.


Fuck that.


Be a risk taker and always move the interaction forward. The second you wait for her reassurance or even worse, her lead, it’s over and her view of you deteriorates into the celibate land of Let’s Just Be Friends. A dynamic in which you don’t get to fuck her, but instead you get to hear about all the guys who do fuck her because they knew how to escalate and didn’t pussyfoot around.


Just assume she’s into you and if not move on to the next one.


If she made eye contact with you, you don’t have to wonder if she’s interested in having a conversation with you. She almost always is. That’s why she looked in your direction long enough to catch your eye. Go talk to her.


If you matched with her on a dating app, you don’t have to ask or wonder if she’s willing to meet you for a date. She swiped right on you so she’s obviously open to it. All you have to do is show your value as a man and make her feel comfortable enough that you’re not a Tinder serial killer (pro tip: accuse her of being one).


If she met you out for drinks, you don’t have to wonder to yourself if she wants to get physical later. If you kept up a lively and sensual date, she likely does. And if not, she’ll let you know.


Your job is to keep things moving forward. Her job is to follow and she’ll let you know if you’re moving too fast for her.


Live your life operating under this assumption – Every girl wants to fuck you. All you have to do is get her to realize it.


2. Don’t Ask For Permission


I have an embarrassing confession. In my late teen years I used to think this was a good line for getting a girl to make out with me.


“Can I kiss you?”


*Face palm*


I would say this to girls even when the moment was already good enough to just go for it. But I would still play it safe with my awkward and timid approval seeking.


I was afraid of being rejected.


Now I just take my curled index finger and place it under her chin, tilting her head upward. My eyes and slight smirk do the talking.


Sometimes, depending on our location, I’ll cap it off with,


“You know what I love doing when no one’s looking?”


“You know what I love doing in elevators?”


“You know what I love doing at concerts?”


You get the idea. It doesn’t even have to be clever.


Never ask if you can take things to the next level. This applies to everything.


Betas see what they want and ask for it. Alphas see what they want and go for it.


When Alphas get told no, they smile and remain emotionally unaffected because so many others have told them yes that it doesn’t matter.


3. Give her roles and responsibilities


You’re the one in charge. So playfully assign her jobs to do.


If a girl’s telling me about a city she’s been to or even just a nearby neighborhood in my own city then I’ll say, “ Oh I may have to hire you as my tour guide sometime. You have to know your stuff though or I’ll fire you.”


Or I’ll look for ways to “hire” her as my assistant of some sort, always on thin ice of being fired.


If she tells me she’s going shopping I say, “Oh cool be sure to get me something nice”


If she’s going somewhere interesting I say “Better bring me back a souvenir”


If she says she’s at a restaurant, joke around by telling her what to order for you and say you’ll be there soon. Tell her she can have a bite or a sip if she’s nice.


Throw in playful emojis as appropriate.


This all plays into deliberate and playful misinterpretation, a core element of game, that is crucial for flipping the script and making YOU the prize. She’s used to being the prize herself. It makes her feel good and validated but she got accustomed to that dynamic back in high school. It’s boring to her now and it damn sure doesn’t make her feel attracted to you. Flip the script and she’ll see you as a fun guy who gets it and excites her.


The playful banter starts off as deliberate misinterpretation but soon becomes reality.


Remember a time when you saw a girl reading a text on her phone, and all of sudden her face lights up with that sensual smile as she looks down at her screen? I guarantee you she’s not reading a text that says “you’re so beautiful” or “I would love to take you out to dinner” or anything else that validates her ego and pedestalizes her. She’s reading something from a guy who’s giving her shit, knows how to frame, and escalate attraction fast. Be that guy.


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