1) 90% of girls are into spanking fetishes and daddy talk.


2) Diving into writing a full-length book is like swimming out into the middle of a lake without thinking about the return trip.


3) Online dating is a slut-aggregator and makes you forget that there actually are still girls out there who are fit for relationships. Finding them is like hunting Bin Laden. Having too many options killed monogamy.


4) Unless you are in a position of power, blurting out your political opinions can only accomplish one of two things. It can either build rapport with people or it can alienate you from people.


5) The difference between smart people and not-so-smart people is reading books.


6) The first big shock to the dating scene that changed everything was birth control. Followed by progressive attitudes towards sex. Then the internet and dating apps came along.

The next major change will come in the 2020s or 2030s when sex robots become widespread and socially accepted. Traditional marriage and monogamous relationships are on the way out.


7) A day will come when Artificial Intelligence looks back on us in the same way that we look back on the Homo Erectus primates that we evolved from.


8) You won’t find purpose in a cubicle. Past generations found purpose by cultivating a faithful relationship with their spouse and providing for a loving family. The cubicle was a necessary piece of the puzzle that provided income to support the family.

But a corporate career with no family at home is an empty, hedonistic, materialistic existence. You must take the traditional path of older generations or a modern alternative path of online entrepreneurship and free yourself from the chains of employment.

Your bullshit paper-pushing office job will either crush your soul into dust or train you to fool yourself into thinking it’s all okay. It’s not. Do something about it.


9) Instax photography is fun.


10) When society reaches a point where nearly all jobs can be automated (white-collar and blue-collar), one of two outcomes will ensue.

Either the government will tax the fuck out of those automated corporations owned by a dozen trillionaires, and then redistribute profits in the form of Universal Basic Income. Or 99% of the population will live in absolute poverty under an affluent ruling class.

Society will be dominated by either elite oligarchs or the authoritative state. Pick your poison.


11) In the past, many people lived in a brutal patriarchal society where women were forced to be the sexual commodities of rich, powerful, or famous men.

In the present, many people live in a progressive feminist society where women volunteer to be the sexual commodities of rich, powerful, or famous men.


12) Graduating, getting a job, and moving out on your own does not mean you’re independent. You’re not independent if you have to rely on a company for a paycheck. Your dependence simply transferred from parents to employer. Deriving most of your income from only one source is the hallmark of dependence.


13) No matter how old you get, there is always a new world, subject, hobby, culture, or industry waiting for you to discover it and make it your new obsession. I’m currently soaking up the contemporary art world after mostly ignoring it my entire life.


14) Celebrity culture, day-to-day news, and spectator sports all exist to keep you distracted from what really matters. Americans live in a junk culture that values short-term pleasure over long-term happiness.

We eat junk food. Consume junk information. And have junk pseudo-relationships. It’s all about what feels good in the short-term.


15) Cryptocurrency is perhaps the most world-changing invention since the internet. Investing in crypto today is like investing in tech stocks during the 90s.


16) When everything out of your control is fucked, the best thing to do is just laugh and have fun anyways. Don’t take it all so seriously. Will it really matter that much to you once you’re dead and gone?


17) Despite all of its flaws, the 21st century is still the best time in human history to be alive. Freedom has never been more accessible.








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