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Here’s the roundup for this weekend..



Why Abundance and Ruthlessness Are Needed To Get Hot Girls In 2017 – Troy Francis

One of my early posts, 2 Things To Be A Machiavellian About, touched on this.  In short term dating, you absolutely need to have some level of ruthlessness or you will be ignored and walked all over.

Flake or be flaked on. Show up late to dates. Don’t give a shit what girls think about you. If you fuck it up who cares? This is what works. Now once a woman has earned your trust and respect, you can transition into being a good man when she has proven she deserves it. But that would be reserved only for long-term dating. In the short-term, all girls must be treated as replaceable options until they prove themselves otherwise.

Why is this necessary? Because it’s exactly how they treat you.


18 Things Every 18 Year Old Should Know – Bold And Determined

Victor Pride writes up a crucial list of steps to take to avoid life’s pitfalls and achieve greatness.

I wish I had read this at age 18. The conventional life path is a path to mediocrity.

Check this list out and set yourself on a bolder course.


Why All Modern Women Crave A Spanking – The Head Of Household

This post changed my life. When talking to new girls, I now actively work to unleash their inner-submissive spanking fetishes. In the last couple months since reading this, I’ve implemented a new style of game that usually ends up with her bent over my knee, getting a good spanking for her naughty behavior, all while calling me daddy.

I’ll typically look for reasons to say something to her such as “Wow that’s bad. You’re going to be punished for that.” The girl will almost always follow up by requesting additional details of said punishment to which I respond “A good hard spanking. I can tell you’re in need of that”



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